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MODEL SPOTLIGHT by Amanda: Grant Mroz

Today I'm introducing a new post type, in which my assistant blogger Amanda has taken her interviewing skills to the models we see so often on the covers of indie books.  To kick this off, I'd like to introduce you to Model Grant Mroz.  You might have seen Grant on the cover of a book by Lila Felix, Raine Thomas, or Michele G. Miller. He has worked with the fabulous Kelsey of K. Keeton Designs as well as working with several modeling agencies.  With no further ado...

Model Spotlight: Grant Mroz

Photos courtesy of AB Artistry

The Interview

Amanda:  "Tell me how you got introduced to the world of modeling."
Grant:  "My old roommate was a student at Paul Mitchell of Hair and Makeup and every year they have a fashion show. Well my roommate asked me if I wanted to be his model for the show and I said,"sure". haha Then, directly after the show I was grabbing my things and another model in the show walked up to me and asked me if I'd be interested in modeling for book covers. Naturally I said yes….and now I'm here. lol"

Amanda:  "Do you have any other ventures or careers?"
Grant:  "I am actually graduating this semester with a degree in Electronic Media Production."

Amanda:  "What song do you currently repeat the most on your mp3 player?"
Grant:  "Hero by Skillet"

Amanda:  "It's your cheat day, what food do you have to have?"
Grant:  "I have to have something with grease. Whether that be a large pizza, a double cheese burger with curly fries, or a big steak. Then with that I have to have some cookies and maybe some ice cream (I'm a fat kid at heart). lol"

Amanda:  "What is one thing about yourself that most people wouldn't know or guess about you?"
Grant:   "I like to be alone a lot. I wouldn't say I'm an introverted, I just like the silence. If you think about your day, how often are you around people or just some kind of ambient noise that you can't control? I like to sit in my living room when my roommates (2 of them) aren't home and just rest on the couch either with my laptop, read a book, watch a video, or play video games. I realize that some of those have noise…but I can control how loud it gets."

Amanda:  "Do you have a guilty pleasure?"
Grant:  "Without a doubt, my guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies with milk (you can't have cookies without milk). Hahaha"

Amanda:  "What is your drink of choice from Starbucks?"
Grant:  "Well, now that I try to be healthier I don't get my "drink of choice" anymore. lol However, if was able to get it, it would be the Mouthgasm: -Venti Mocha Frappe (pronounced Frap……not Frap-Eh) with Mocha and Caramel Drizzle around the sides of the cup.-and please don't ask your local barista for a Mouthgasm…..they might look at you weird. I made that name up. lol"

Amanda:  "If you had a super power what would it be?"
Grant:  "My superpower would be Flying or Teleportation."

Amanda:  "Describe how you would spend the perfect date."
Grant:  "I'm pretty old fashioned. So I would say either a dinner and a movie then maybe go for a walk and chat or going to a cafe for coffee (or tea in my case), chat for a bit and then go for a walk somewhere in the country where there isn't a bunch of lights so we can look at all the stars."

Amanda:  "Are you a night owl or an early bird?"
Grant:  "It really depends on the day. If I don't work the next day I stay up late, but at the same time I have no problem waking up early."

Amanda:  "What is your star sign?"
Grant:  "I'm Aquarius"

Amanda:  "What non physical trait do you find sexiest in a person?"
Grant:  "Well I guess that just leaves their personality. lol"

Amanda:  "What is your favorite movie?"
Grant:  "Hmmmm……I'll list my top 5, because I like all of them equally.
-Count of Monty Cristo
-The Passion
-The Patriot
-The Notebook (dead serious, makes me tear up every time at the end….that old man…)"

Amanda:  "What would your dream modeling gig be?"
Grant:  "Being on Men's Fitness or GQ"

Amanda: "Leave us with a description of your most memorable shoot to date."
Grant:  "My most memorable shoot so far would be just a few weeks ago. We took a limo and had wine and chatted while we were being driven to a different city where we were able to stay at a resort. We had dinner at this steak restaurant (I had a turkey salad bowl), then went back to the resort and hung out at the indoor pool and hot tub, and then called it a night.

The next morning we were treated to a breakfast buffet and then we headed to our shoot. The place we were shooting was in the middle of renovating, but that didn't spoil the excitement and feel of the shoot. We were greeted with a few different backdrops and themes (all were interesting and very well put together) in a big open room, so we could see all the different themes that were in store. 

In the far left-corner was the boudoir theme; the golden head-board and foot-board with big down-pillows, white sheets and furry carpet.

In the middle of the room was the Steam-punk theme; a backdrop of this elaborate stair-case and fancy red/maroon chaise. The chaise was surrounded by old fashioned suit cases, a bird cage (similar to Harry Potter's), a big hourglass, and a homemade metal spider (it's name is Steve). Lol.  

If you looked to the right of the room you would see the Mystical theme; it had fake grass covering the ground, with an array of plants on either side of the backdrop. The backdrop was absolutely b-e-a-utiful, it looks like it had been hand painted (it wasn't), but when you looked at the photo it had looked like fairies were real. 

In the back of the building was the waiting/changing room with a stocked fridge with bottled water, some snacks if we got hungry and also a little area for hair and makeup."

As you can see, Grant is quite the character!  Make sure to look for him in the future, I see big things happening for him! :)  I'll leave you with some more pictures of Grant to savor.  Thank you Amanda and Grant for this entertaining interview! 

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Photos Courtesy of K. Keeton Designs

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